“I just want to thank BCS so much for their help with gas so I could go to my radiation appts. I am so appreciative of your help & kindness. Thanks again! My life was made just a little bit easier because of your foundation. Thank you!” – 2022 client

“When I learned I had cancer, I was so sad. I worried about my health, my family, my job and about my financials. When I began treatment, the social worker helped me. She told me about BCS and instructed me to fill the form. I received the [assistance] from BCS…I think BCS is very helpful when I needed it. I thought BCS saved my life. I was very happy…Thank you.” – 2021 client

“I can’t even express how greatful I am to BCS for the assistance I was provided. The helping hand in this moment full of so much anxiety and fear has been exponentially more valuable than the sum. Thank you so much!” – 2020 client


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